Stack Leather Heels

Green Diamond Stack Leather Covered Heels utilise a revolutionary technique of In Mould Lamination.

The conventional method of manufacturing this kind of heels requires a lot of expensive manpower and time.

The workers used the labourious way, which included cutting the leather to pattern, brushing glue onto the leather strips

and heels, allowing long drying times and having the working environment filled with hazardous fumes, manually rolling the leather

onto the heel blocks and cutting and trimming the excess leather off the edges.

This all created a lot of waste and was environmentally harmful.

Our automated process is done by placing the leather into the actual injection moulding mould, where the hot ABS compound

laminates the leather on the surface of the heel block during the moulding process. the pre-cut leather strips fit to the shape perfectly,

thus saving precious material and eliminitaing the need of harmful chemicals and adhesives.

The end result is a perfect stack leather heel, strongly bonded surface ready to be finished quickly.

This process provides unforeseen cost and time savings to the shoe manufacturer.

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