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About Us

Green Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. is a fully foreign owned company, operating in Zhongshan of China's Guangdong Province.
Our factory was established in 2006 in a newly built facility in the Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, which is the home for many foreign owned high technology companies, supplying product to various industries in China and overseas.

We utilise proven footwear component manufacturing technologies, including fully automated injection moulding equipment from Plastak, Italy. This technology enables us to produce high precision injection moulded insoles to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Our facility also has equipment for manufacturing stack leather covered injection moulded heels for ladies and men's footwear. Our In-Mould Lamination technique ensures extremely strong bond between the heel and leather, consistent quality and precision of the leather wrap and high quality surface for easy finishing.

The name of our company derives from the original main product, the rubber outsoles incorporating Green Diamond technology. We mix silicium carbide crystals into the outsole rubber compound to achieve significantly increased friction between the bottom of the sole and the walking surface. By combining this technique with our design knowledge of the outsole lock pattern with various kinds of rubber, i.e. high grip, long wear, oil resistant, anti-static, we can produce outsoles with unforeseen grip and work safety.

Upon Diamond granules providing hyper grip for outdoor and industrial footwear,there is a extending technology  "Icelandic Grip"  for some other areas for instance if people are make casual shoes and worrying about the floor, which provided superior non-slip properties in contact with all slippery surfaces, and mild compound can be used for indoor or outdoor shoes.