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Green Diamond Tire - North America was born out of a small family owned business with 60 years in the retread industry. Carleton Eldrett and Jeff Barlow stumbled into a man named Fridrik from Iceland who had invented a process to evenly distribute particles into rubber. The aim was to produce tires that could be used all year and that would have a better grip on slippery surfaces. It took the inventors about 10 years to develop the idea of manufacturing Green Diamond granule tires for the car industry.

Already a success in Scandinavia, the Green Diamond Tire was brought to North America with only a few hundred being available in 1999. Then in the new millennium the first wave broke on the shores of Upstate New York where 10,000 tires were sold through a handful of rural outlets. The consumer response was like nothing that the tire industry had ever experienced.

Today, Green Diamond tires are produced and used in Scandinavia, Europe and The United States. Tests have confirmed that diamond granule tires have a much better grip in wet and slippery conditions than standard rubber tires without granules.
The idea was then born to utilize this method in outsoles of shoes, to maximize grip and traction.  

In October 2001 our company concluded an exclusive rights contract with the Green Diamond granule tire patent holder. In this agreement the patent holder provides Green Diamond International with the exclusive right to use the brand name and trademark to further develop, sell and market granules in outsoles for the shoe industry.
Upon Diamond granules providing hyper grip for outdoor and industrial footwear,there is a extending technology  "Icelandic Grip"  for some other areas for instance if people are make casual shoes and worrying about the floor, which provided superior non-slip properties in contact with all slippery surfaces, and mild compound can be used for indoor or outdoor shoes.
But outsoles are only part of the story. The newest chapter of the history includes the expansion of our injection moulded insole, Green Diamond is also the exclusive licensee in China for the Plastak technology for making injection moulded precision insoles. Our revolutionary moulded injection technique has significantly improved the quality of shoes in the fashion footwear industry.