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Tire Inspiration

The high standards of performance of Green Diamond Tires are based on the thousands of small sharp-edged granules making firm contact with the icy road surfaces. 

In manufacturing a Green Diamond Tire, the granules are distributed evenly throughout the rubber. This infusion of the granules throughout the tire’s wear surface ensures that as the tire wears down and granules are worn away, new ones are uncovered. Green Diamond Tires are particularly suitable for use with vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS), with superior, scientifically-proven performance against any other tires with in the most difficult of slippery conditions, around 0°C. 

Green Diamond Tires must be 'run-in' by driving 1,500 to 2,000 miles on clear, dry roads.  It is during this driving period that the granules will begin to emerge.  To protect the manufacturing equipment, Green Diamond Tires have a thin veneer of tread rubber molded over the  granules, which wears off in use.

Green Diamond Tires are environmentally responsible. Using only premium quality casings, each 'donor' casing is exhaustingly examined using sophisticated test and inspection instruments and equipment. 

This feature is a main benefit and attribute of Green Diamond Tires since the granules enhance the pattern as the performance of the pattern itself decreases with wear.